In the kitchen garden with… Paula Magessi

The Minigarden kitchen garden has been conquering more and more enthusiasts. This time, we focus on a family from Charneca da Caparica, Lisbon – Portugal, with an old passion for agriculture. The lack of time and space had always made it impossible to fulfil their dream.

The Minigarden team had the chance to keep up with this recent urban kitchen garden, and thus was able to witness a dream coming true.


Paula Magessi tells us: “This was our personal project. Every detail was carefully thought-out, including the watering.” Paula knew the secret of cultivation is in choosing a good watering system, and Minigarden was prepared to provide it. “Your drip watering system gives each plant the necessary water and nutrition, avoiding the waste of such an important resource as water. We also chose to add a computer for the water tap, a fertilizer dispenser device and a pressure reducing filter, making it an automatic irrigation and nutrition system. This was a great solution, considering our daily free time was limited.”… “The kitchen garden grows and feeds by itself,” Paula tells us with great enthusiasm.

5She also adds: “In less than half a square meter we were able to have more than 106 plants that absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen.”… “My grandchildren love it.”

With this experience, the family from Charneca da Caparica learned the increasing importance of easily growing, harvesting and eating, while knowing exactly what’s in each plant, aromatic herb or fruit we eat. “It was amazing to see that in less than a month the lettuce heads and cucumbers were ready to be harvested. Knowing what we are eating is definitely comforting.”

We had the chance to see how vigorously cucumbers grow. They should be planted by the end of spring, but nature decided to do something extraordinary.

Paula ended our conversation by saying: “When it comes to vegetables, our house is now self-sufficient. I stopped buying all the products I grow. And the most satisfying part is knowing it’s 100% organic.”

Even if all you have is a small balcony or terrace, it’s possible to have a kitchen garden that will suit your space and needs. Remember, Minigarden can be used in and out doors and it’s 100% national.

Paula and João, welcome to the Urban Green Revolution!