Minigarden Vertical

A state of the art vertical gardening system

Grow your aromatic herbs at home.

Your dishes will have a different taste

No yard required!

Vertical gardening is perfect for balconies and urban spaces

Combine with the Minigarden One and Minigarden One

Choose the right combination for the width of your wall

Design and modularity

It can also be hung on a wall …

Design and modularity

… and can also be used in conjunction with the Minigarden Corner.

Your urban vegetable garden fits anywhere

Lack of space is no longer an excuse not to have a vegetable garden at home regardless of the type of building.
With Minigarden Vertical, there’s always a place to grow plants!
Installing Minigarden is easy – do it from the ground up or on any wall with Wall Support.

Minigarden Vertical

Discover Minigarden Vertical


Its modular characteristics allow the modules to fit together simply, vertically and horizontally, or back-to-back, creating numerous combinations. It may also be combined with the Minigarden Corner and Minigarden One to increase the number of configurations.
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Minigarden Vertical is made of high resistance polypropylene copolymer and includes additives for protection against ultraviolet rays, which allow it to be used in extreme weather conditions (solar radiation and temperature). It has an estimated life cycle of ten years.
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The environment is a constant concern of ours, so Minigarden Vertical is made out of recyclable material.
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Food Safety

Did you know that Minigarden Vertical is made of a material suitable for direct contact with food?
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Assembly of 1 Minigarden Vertical set

Grow your own food

Intensify the flavour of your recipes with fresh and healthy ingredients.
You can grow a substantial amount of small and large plants on Minigarden Vertical.











“I recommend it for people of all ages who live in flats and who want to have a green wall that is not only decorative, but that can be used to create a kitchen garden at home to improve their meals. Very easy to install, and because I have an automatic irrigation system, it’s fantastic.”



I’ve assembled an aromatic plants garden which was a success. I immediately became a fan of this product. It’s featured in my book, and I suggest it to everyone who wants to have a lot in a small space in a simple, inexpensive and carefree way.

Teresa Chambel

Landscape Architect