Wall Support Minigarden Corner

Suspend Minigarden Corner








Two ways of hanging Minigarden Corner

Wall Support for Minigarden Corner is a new accessory designed to hang Minigarden Corner on a wall in two different configurations: 3 modules in a corner, or 6 modules on a vertical surface (2 columns of 3 stacked models set in a 180º half moon).

Wall Support for Minigarden Corner comprises 2 special trays, 3 circular clips, and 8 Minigarden Fixers that include 32 hardened steel nails to reinforce the installation and secure the system onto a wall. After its installation, Wall Support for Minigarden Corner is discreet and seamlessly integrated with the gardening system.

Easy to assemble

Half-moon configuration

Besides being perfect to decorate the corners of your home,
Minigarden Corner can also be suspended in a half-moon shape.