Minigarden’s Green Walls

Minigarden enlarged


Snack Area


Reception Office

Hong Kong

Roof Garden


Outdoor dining area of a private house


Indoor, in an Arredo store, Buenos Aires


Restaurant Reception


Arredo store facade, in Montevideo

United Arab Emirates

Courtyard of a 5 Stars Hotel

Case Studies


Colored strips in a courtyard of a private house.


Restaurant Main Entrance

The unique features of Minigarden, specifically its modular nature and easy maintenance, make our products ideal for architecture projects, from green walls and vertical gardens to green living spaces of all shapes and sizes. Explore specific information regarding Minigarden Vertical and Minigarden Corner and confirm that no other system offers as much potential for the development of projects of any size, with easy installation and maintenance guaranteed and an extremely competitive price in comparison with other systems.

Visit the Case Studies page and know more details about some Minigarden green wall and vertical garden projects.

Contact us to receive detailed information and use Minigarden in your projects.